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Think HBCU is a national campaign of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Think HBCU highlights different HBCUs and their contributions to society and the sorority. The Epsilon Epsilon Omega chapter is participating in the Think HBCU campaign. Please read below what some of the members of the Epsilon Epsilon Omega chapter who attended HBCUs have to say about their HBCUs and why they loved them!

Lane College
Location: Jackson, TN
President: Dr. Logan C. Hampton
Founded: 1882

“Lane College is a CME (Christian Methodist Episcopal) church affiliated liberal arts institution. The education I received while attending Lane College enriched my life in a variety of aspects. Beyond obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, I was awarded opportunities to travel to several major cities as I performed in Lane College's Concert Choir! The mandatory mid-week chapels and Sunday worship services helped to strengthen my devotion to spirituality. As a member of the college's drill team, I appreciated the experience of performing at various sports events, specifically, the homecoming parades and half-time shows. Those experiences taught me how to value various components of physical fitness. But, my fondest memory of attending Lane College was becoming a member of Beta Chi chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Through that experience, I became apart of a sisterhood that has had a lasting effect on my life through the development of friendships that embrace mutual support, trust, and respect for one another; as well as, being a member of an organization that focus on "providing service to mankind". For more than forty years, I have appreciated being apart of implementing the quality values and missions set forth by my extended Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority family.” -Leola Davis, Lane College Graduate

"I graduated from Lane College in 1975. As a young girl who attended an all white high school, I found myself at that point not knowing my true identity. It wasn't until I attended Lane College that I began to come into who I was suppose to be and my personality started to develop. Lane College allowed me to have a deeper understanding of life. It taught me who I was as an African  American woman and as an educator.  Lane College gave me an appreciation for those who paved the way before me. While attending Lane College, I was always pushed to give 110% and that still holds true today. I believe all HBCUs gave African Americans educational opportunities at a time when there were none. Joining Alpha Kappa Alpha while at Lane truly helped me learn to be a woman not another girl in the crowd." -Johnnie Carey, Lane College Graduate

Tennessee State University
Location: Nashville, TN
President: Dr. Glenda Baskin Glover
Founded: 1912

“I graduated from Tennessee State in December 1971 with a major in Elementary Education and minor in History & Geography. My family and I have always been staunch supporters of HBCU schools. My mother went to Arkansas A&M in Pine Bluff and my father graduated from Allen University with his brother. All of my Moms siblings went to HBCU schools except for one. One of my brother's went to Howard University and one to West Virginia State. The other 3 went to Ball State. So it's in my blood so to speak. Attending a HBCU school instilled in me a sense of pride and awareness of who I am and what I was capable of accomplishing in life. After TSU, which was tough and no nonsense, I found getting degrees from Indiana University and Illinois State University easy. TSU prepared me in such a way that I knew I couldn't fail in whatever I strived for, professionally and personally. Being an AKA means everything. I grew up with them, understand the meaning of Service to mankind before self and strive daily to emulate what our Founders believed and did.” –Alice Payne, Tennessee Statue University Graduate

Alcorn State University
Location: Lorman, MS
President: Dr. Alfred Rankins Jr.
Founded: 1871

“I graduated from Alcorn State University with a major in Political Science/Pre-Law. I love Alcorn State University because it has been a family legacy since the 1940's. Alcorn has served as more than just an academic institution but an Academic Resort which nurtured my talents, embraced my individuality, prepared me professionally, and provided endless opportunities to ensure my success. Alcorn is the oldest public historically black land-grant institution in the United States and the second-oldest state-supported institution of higher learning in Mississippi. Alcorn University was founded in 1871 as a result of the people of Mississippi’s efforts to educate the descendants of formerly enslaved Africans. Although many Alcornites furthered their education at other institutions, the foundation was laid there with high standards of excellence. Alcorn has stretched it branches across athletics, film, education, civil rights, entertainment, and many other professions. Famous alumni include Steve McNair, Alex Haley, Medgar Evers, Michael Duncan, Donald Driver, Alexander O'Neal, Myrlie Evers-Williams and many others.” -Glenetta Duren, Alcorn State University Graduate

Virginia Union University
Location: Richmond, VA
President: Dr. Claude G. Perkins
Founded: 1865

  “I graduated from Virginia Union University with a major in University Social Work. I loved Virginia Union because it felt like home. It was a nurturing environment that challenged and motivated us to strive for excellence and to ensure that we reached our fullest potential. Virginia Union University was established in 1865. Since its inception, VUU has made a significant effort to promote and maintain a conscious awareness of societal issues and historical events that have affected us as a human race in particular as African Americans. VUU prides itself on developing the next generation of leaders and professionals. VUU has produced leaders such as L. Douglas Wilder, who is the first African-American to be elected as governor of a state.

Some of these leaders and professionals that graduated from VUU were also members of our illustrious sisterhood of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Such as, Soror Janet Jones Ballard, who was initiated through the Alpha Eta undergraduate chapter located at Virginia Union University! Soror Jones Ballard went on to become the 22nd national president of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.Through the works of sisterhood and service, these Soror's have continued to carry out the mission of VUU by advocating, protesting, and challenging any unjust/inequality to ensure service to All Mankind." -Tia Butler, Virginia Union Graduate